“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation about illnesses that affect not only individuals, but their families as well.”
-Glenn Close

Early Psychosis Treatment (within first 2 years of onset): Extreme states and changes in one’s perception can be very unsettling, shattering and scary. Often times individuals questioning their reality in such profound ways can feel alone, confused and unsure how to proceed forward. My approach to early psychosis experiences is compassionate, understanding and collaborative. I help individuals going through uprooting experiences to find their voice, make sense of what’s going on and integrate these experiences so that they can engage more fully with their life goals and journey. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT).

Family Support: When families find out their teenager or young adult has a serious mental health concern it can feel like the world is turning upside down. Families may feel scared, confused, disoriented, sad, angry, guilty and many other mixed feelings. One of the most important aspects of the recovery process is getting support for yourself. Prioritizing this support for you, the family member, will not only help your relationship with the person affected, it will directly support their recovery & help you stay connected to your own life path. 

I provide family support, psycho-education and supportive therapy to families who are caring for their youth with a serious mental health issue. I help parents and other family members find relief from associated-internalized stigma, understand more about how to help their loved one, relieve their own stress and process strong emotions that often arise when faced with this significant life adjustment. I specialize in early psychosis treatment and am also a clinician at the UCSF early psychosis clinic. I have been certified to provide CBT for psychosis by Kate Hardy PsyD.