Therapy offers the opportunity for you to live passionately, discover your choices and connect to your most authentic self. In my practice I work collaboratively and creatively with you to support the changes & understanding you are seeking in your life. 

My approach is mindfulness based and holistic, which means I believe the body, mind and spirit all have a place in psychotherapy. In my experience, when we give voice to our unique and different Mind/Body/Spirit intelligence, clarity can be found quicker, healing can be deeper and growth can be more more transformative & sustainable. 

My practice is well-rounded. I see creative professionals, individual adults, adolescents and families. I treat a wide variety of issues which you can read more about on this web-site. To take the next step, set up a free phone consultation. 



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Trauma REcovery & SOmatics

 How can therapy bring about new experiences to help us find resolve. 

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