Adolescence is a time of transition.

It can be hard to find ground when one is faced with constant shifts of emotions, identity and social pressures. It can also be hard for teens to know what kind of choices to make when they are pulled between the expectations of adults and peers around them. When teens feel overwhelmed with these pressures, they may turn towards at-risk behaviors, isolation or feeling emotionally shut down.

My approach with Adolescents

I bring my authentic presence with teens and meet them exactly where they are at. I help teens connect with their feelings and values so they can learn and appreciate who they are and practice thoughtful decision-making as they nourish their preferred life vision. I help them feel empowered by helping them express themselves honestly and safely. I teach life skills such as self-care, emotional regulation, communication, boundary setting and decision making skills. My practice welcomes LGBTQQI, Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary youth.

Common Struggles

  • Identity confusion/shifts

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Risk-Taking Behaviors

  • Self-Harm

  • Depression/ Irritability/Anger

  • Social Withdrawl/Isolation

  • Conflict with parents and/or siblings

  • Drugs/Alcohol

  • Sexuality/Relationships

  • Communication issues

Parent Support 

Parents may go through a wide range of emotions as their child transitions into a young adult. Parents may feel protective, frustrated & anxious about their adolescent's ability to be make positive decisions. Parents may find themselves feeling very concerned about their young person leaving the house and practicing good self-care. All of these feelings are normal and I can help by providing parents individual support along with family sessions as needed.